13.11.2004 - Uppbo eBay

eBay mtorinnFyrir sem eru hugasamir um a nta sr kosti eBay er hrna tengill frbran mtor sem er ar til slu. Allir peningar renna beint til BBC Children in Need Appeal.

ar sem a auglsing rennur t eftir tpa viku mun hn vera afritu hr fyrir nean. Mli samt me v a i skoi auglsinguna eBay mean hn er inni ar sem hn er talsvert skrautlegri.

a arf vonandi ekki a taka a fram a etta er allt gu gamni gert og allur peningur sem kemur inn rennur beint til ggerarmla og ef menn lesa auglsinguna fer ekkert milli mla hvaa standi mtorinn er. a sem kom essu llu saman gang var essi spjallrur ar sem einn gur mdelmaur var a velta fyrir sr byrginni sem fylgir mtorum og hvort hann tti a senda sinn inn til vigerar v hann vri httur a virka af einhverjum stum. Mtorinn hafi lent v a fara gegnum reskivl.

Uppfrt: Irvine Engines hafa boist til a gefa nja .40 mtor me essum ef hann verur keyptir 79.99 ea meira.


You are bidding on a very rare model engine indeed.
As far as I know it is the only example of it's kind ever produced.
The picture does not fully do justice to it's many UNIQUE FEATURES.

This engine offers the following superb features and benefits:-

-Fashionably "distressed" appearance with a classic "organically rustic" finish!
-Superbly quiet in operation!
-Uses NO fuel, produces NO emissions, NO servicing ever required!
-Truly the ULTIMATE environentally friendly engine
-Unique **INFINITE DISPLACEMENT** cylinder head technology
-Lightened crankcase and mega-enlarged ports
-Ideal for the Fun-Fly models that need a lighter engine
-The conrod has been cleverly impact separated leaving no trace at all of the cylinder liner or piston
-Burgundy/Maroon powder coated exterior of the highest quality with artistic cut-outs revealing opportunities to marvel at the underlying hi-tech alloy surface
-No needle valve, no adjustments EVER necessary
-No glow plugs required
-Tested to the highest standards, has four fully functioning mounting holes
-Built in **SAFETY SYSTEM** prevents cut/severed fingers from propellor injuries
-Specially designed **NO COMPRESSION** head and manifold means no frictional losses and engine remains at ambient temperature throughout RPM range
-Flat power curve means this engine delivers MAXIMUM POWER throughout it's entire operating RPM range
-the engine has been fully run-in#

This engine is offerred with a guarantee of PROUD SATISFACTION as all proceeds from it's sale will go to this years "BBC Children in Need" appeal, courtesy of Positive feedback will be issued as soon as payment is confirmed.

As a free bonus the engine will be supplied mounted on a varnished wooden plinth complete with an engraved brass plaque (this latter item is subject to availability)

# The term "run-in" is used in the normal aeromodelling sense, i.e. a full power dive into a nearby field...

* The term "MINT CONDITION" is used in the normally accepted EBay sense, i.e. there's a hole in it...

All modellers eventually buy an engine which they NEVER USE and then feel guilty about the waste of money, often wasting even more money buying a model "to go with it" which never gets finished...You can buy this engine safe in the knowledge that you have spent wisely and will never have to waste time installing it in a model. Others may make a donation to charity but feel they got nothing in return. This is YOUR chance to make that donation and have a permanent momento of the occasion.

As this is a charity auction, I'm paying for this advert and the PayPal fees, the engine and plinth are a very kind donation from the artisan who sculpted this UNIQUE PIECE, all you have to do is make a GENEROUS BID and pay the postage and packing which will be 5 (if the actual costs are less, the difference will go to Children in Need). International bids are welcomed, but shipping charges may be higher. But not much higher. Winning bidders are encouraged to pay even more than the agreed price. The winning bidder will in due course be emailed with an image of the stamped paying-in slip confirming the payment has gone to charity. Unsuccessful bidders may wish to forward the amount they were going to pay to any UK bank or Post Office where they will be able to pay into "BBC Children in Need Appeal" FREE OF CHARGE.

At the close of the auction the goods will be despatched as soon as possible, but as the plinth is still being commissioned there may be a slight delay involved. You WILL get a full refund if for any reason the goods are subject to unreasonable delay on our part.


On 14-Nov-04 at 09:17:23 GMT, seller added the following information:

I forgot to add:-

-The ultra low crankcase profile and lack of requirement for an exhaust system make this engine PERFECT for cowled installations
-Noise output is 0dB at 0m
-British made, British designed and British modified (by a Canadian combine harvester)